How to Fix a Gap in Your Smile

How to Fix a Gap in Your Smile

Don't be bothered by your smile anymore; we know that having a gap between your teeth can affect even your confidence. That's why we bring you the best solutions to fix that gap in your smile.

Do you have a gap in your smile?

Do you often cover your mouth when you laugh? Do people notice the gap between your teeth more than what you say? It is common to have gaps between your teeth. It's okay; you're not the only one. 

These gaps are not harmful from a medical standpoint but can affect your confidence and self-esteem. The good news is that this doesn't have to be permanent: it can be fixed.

What causes a gap between teeth?

The space between your teeth may be small, but it can still make you self-conscious. While it can have many causes, such as missing teeth, thumb sucking as a child, gum disease, or frenulum overgrowth, you need to look at your lifestyle before considering how to reduce the space between your teeth naturally at home. 

Sometimes, it results from a mismatch between the size of the jaw bone and the size of the teeth. Undersized teeth can create gaps. 

Poor oral hygiene can cause gum disease that causes the gums to weaken and recede. This can cause teeth to loosen and create gaps between them. 

Sometimes the teeth try to move closer together, but in doing so, they close one gap and open another. The gap between the teeth can also be a genetic trait inherited from either parent. It can also be due to a piece of gum tissue that grows too much and blocks the space between two teeth.

How can you fix gaps in your smile?

A diastema is a gap between the front teeth that is so visible that many people feel uncomfortable with them.

An attractive smile features a smooth, white surface. There are many potential causes of gaps in your smile, but the best way to fix them will depend on what causes them. 

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers many different ways to fix gaps in your smile, some of which are so quick that they can be done in a single session. 

Here's a guide to the different types of treatment and how the cosmetic dentists at Carefree Dentistry can help you choose the best one for you by ensuring you have a smile you're happy to share.

Different types of treatment to fix the gap in your smile

The gap between your teeth, no matter how small, can sometimes lead to problems with your confidence. And why should you live your life not wanting to smile?

If you are unhappy with one or more gaps in your smile, you may have started researching how to fix them. There are many options for closing them and getting the healthy, gap-free smile you want. There are so many options that choosing the right one can be confusing. 

Here's a comprehensive guide to the treatment options that may be right for you to find the best solution for your smile.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to fix gaps between teeth. Your dentist will shape and apply a tooth-colored resin material to the affected spot. They will then harden it with a special light to fix it.

The dental bonding procedure can be completed in a single dental visit. It does not involve the removal of enamel, so it is a reversal procedure.


Porcelain veneers are the most attractive solution to the gaps in your smile. With veneers, you can not only close the gaps in your smile but also reshape your teeth and brighten them.

If you have discolored and/or chipped teeth that also have gaps, veneers may be your best treatment option. These are ceramic or porcelain veneers that the dentist places and bonds over your teeth to cover gaps and other imperfections.

Veneers are a great option because they do not stain and are much more permanent than bonding. The color and shape can be custom designed for a more natural look. You have total control over the appearance of your smile.

Once your cosmetic dentist replaces your veneers, you will enjoy their beauty and durability. Veneers resist staining and are strong. If properly cared for, they can last up to 20 years. 

Braces and Invisalign

Both techniques restore your teeth to their ideal position and improve your smile while promoting proper function. Braces use metal brackets to restore teeth to their normal position, while Invisalign uses a set of clear plastic trays.

One of the advantages of orthodontics is that it uses only your natural teeth. There are no restorations. This can be an advantage if you like your current teeth. However, many people find that once their teeth are straightened, they notice other problems that make them unhappy with their new smile. 

Dental Implants

If your dental gap is due to the loss of a tooth, the best method to replace it is a dental implant. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that attaches to your jawbone. 

Once you have the implant, it can last the rest of your life if you care for it properly, like a natural tooth. The crown or bridge may only last 10-20 years, but the implant may last forever. 

Cosmetic Dentistry at Your Fingertips in Phoenix, AZ

If you're unhappy with the gaps in your smile, there's no time like the present to correct them and gain the confidence that comes with having a smile you love.

At Carefree Dentistry, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to ensuring the health and beauty of your smile. Dr. Young and his team of experts are trained to clearly explain the benefits and drawbacks of each treatment approach so you can choose the best one for you. 

Quick and easy solutions are always preferable, but decided based on what is best for your long-term dental health is vital. You can schedule an appointment by calling (623) 322-1538 or visiting our website. Let us help you deal with the gap in your smile.