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At Carefree Dentistry, our primary focus is providing quality and personalized dental care for the entire family. In addition to ensuring a comfortable visit and providing renewed health, we look forward to helping you have healthier teeth and a brighter smile! It is our goal to always have you smiling!

Along with exceptional customer service, we know that it is the quality of the work that ultimately impresses people Our cosmetic procedures are of the highest caliber, with the look and feel of natural teeth, whether patients receive
dentures, dental implants, or crowns.

Our dental team goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and your visit goes as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we take time with each individual client to explain how the treatment works. We do everything in our power to make you feel at ease, and your visit more enjoyable.


Contact our dental office for more information about the services and treatments we offer, or to schedule an appointment!

Utilizing Advances in Modern Dental Technology

Dental technology continues to make large progress and developments in state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. At Carefree Dentistry, we work diligently to keep up with these advances and incorporate them into our practice on a regular basis. Although we have served our community for several years, this doesn't mean we always stick to our old ways. Many dentists refuse to evolve their practice, but not us. We aim to offer our patients the best possible dental procedures with the most recent technologies.

A few of the modern dental technologies we offer are:

  • VELscope (non-invasive detection for cancer)

  • Dexis (digital intra-oral pictures and radiographs)

  • Ultrasonic scaling

  • Nitrous Oxide-Dental Anxiety

  • Sedation Dentistry

  • Laser therapy

These advances in modern technology have affected dentistry in several ways. For one, many procedures that were once much more lengthy and painful are now faster and almost pain-free. There are also new and more affordable ways to sedate patients to ensure maximum comfort. To find out more about how we incorporate modern technology in our office, give us a call at 623-322-1538!


Our office prides itself in ensuring our patients fully understand all of the procedures we have planned for them. In order to achieve this we have installed in each room a patient education system.


34225 N. 27th Dr., Building 5 Suite 240

Phoenix, AZ 85085

Tel: 623-322-1538

Fax: 623-289-2076


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