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Reasonable & Affordable Fees

We understand that cost is a big concern for most people when it comes to visiting the dentist. Many families believe they simply can’t afford it. To help put this concern to bed, we offer several flexible payment options to ensure a trip to Carefree Dentistry is always easy on the budget. We accept most PPO dental insurance plans, low-to-no interest financing is available, and we even have our own in-house plan. With it, you can save as much on your care as with traditional insurance, but it costs less and doesn’t have deductibles, yearly maximums, or claim forms!

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Ready to Care for the Entire Family

You, your children, your parents, and everyone you care about is welcome through our doors. Our team is able to treat patients of all ages so they’re able to stay healthy and smile brightly through every stage of life. We know how to help small children feel comfortable and have the wide array of options that adults and seniors expect. Whether you’re coming to see us for yourself or your child, you can trust we’ll have exactly what you need every time.

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Friendly Dental Team You Can Trust

A lot of people have had the experience of going to the dentist and being lectured about the state of their teeth. At Carefree Dentistry, that is not how we do things. We treat every single patient like an old friend, and no matter your dental situation, we’ll never judge you and only work to help you accomplish your goals as efficiently and comfortably as possible. We’ll also take the time to thoroughly explain your treatment options so that you always feel confident about your care decisions.

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We’ll Accept Your Dental Insurance!

Dental insurance can seem complicated on the surface, and many dental offices certainly don’t help with this, but we like to keep things nice and simple. We’re proud to be in-network and accept a long list of plans from some of the most popular providers. Not only that, but we’ll answer any coverage questions you might have and file your claims for you so you can gain access to your benefits without having to fill out any annoying claim forms. We’ll make saving big on your care one of the easiest parts of your visits.

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